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Trinotate is a comprehensive annotation suite designed for automatic functional annotation of transcriptomes, particularly de novo assembled transcriptomes, from model or non-model organisms. Trinotate makes use of a number of different well referenced methods for functional annotation including homology search to known sequence data (BLAST+/SwissProt/Uniref90), protein domain identification (HMMER/PFAM), protein signal peptide and transmembrane domain prediction (singalP/tmHMM), and comparison to currently curated annotation databases (EMBL Uniprot eggNOG/GO Pathways databases). All functional annotation data derived from the analysis of transcripts is integrated into a SQLite database which allows fast efficient searching for terms with specific qualities related to a desired scientific hypothesis or a means to create a whole annotation report for a transcriptome.

Required Modules


  • trinotate

System Variables

  • HPC_TRINOTATE_DIR - installation directory

Additional Information

Additional software included in this module:

  • signalP v4
  • tmhmm v2