Simulation and Modeling

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This page provides an overview of using advanced simulation tools, including NVIDIA Modulus and Omniverse, to predict the behavior of systems within a real-world scenario.

Environment Modules for Simulation and modeling

  • modulus: Nvidia Modulus is a physics-informed machine learning (ML) framework designed for scientists and engineers. This tool leverages the power of deep learning to solve physical laws described by differential equations, which are crucial for accurate simulations in fields like fluid dynamics, structural mechanics, and thermal management. Examples of running modulus on HiperGator are available on /data/ai/examples/pinn/modulus or AI_Examples.

  • ominiverse: Nvidia Omniverse provides a platform for virtual collaboration and real-time photorealistic simulation. It allows developers, designers, and engineers to collaborate in simulated environments, facilitating the creation of complex simulations that integrate physical accuracy and visual fidelity.