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penEasy is a general-purpose main program for PENELOPE. It provides users with a set of source models, tallies and variance reduction techniques that are invoked from a structured code. Users need only to input all the required information through a simple configuration file and through the usual PENELOPE data files (geometry and materials).

PENELOPE [2,3,1] is a Monte Carlo simulation package that describes the transport of photons, electrons and positrons in complex geometries and arbitrary materials. It is freely distributed by the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency Data Bank ( The core of the system is a set of Fortran subroutines that deal with the intricacies of the transport process. To be operative, the system must be completed with a steering main program which, among other things, must define the initial particle states (i.e., the radiation source) and the tallies for the quantities of interest, e.g., the absorbed dose in a certain spatial region. Some examples of main programs are supplied with the distribution package.

Environment Modules

Run module spider peneasy to find out what environment modules are available for this application.

System Variables

  • HPC_PENEASY_DIR - penEasy installation directory
  • HPC_PENEASY_BIN - penEasy executable directory
  • HPC_PENELOPE_DIR - PENELOPE installation directory
  • HPC_PENELOPE_BIN - PENELOPE executable directory


If you publish research that uses peneasy you have to cite it as follows:

AUTHOR  ={J. Sempau and A. Badal and L. Brualla},
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