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NeEstimator is a tool for estimating contemporary effective population size (Ne) using multi-locus diploid genotypes from population samples.

Environment Modules

Run module spider neestimator to find out what environment modules are available for this application.

System Variables

  • HPC_NEESTIMATOR_DIR - installation directory

Additional Information

This software is inside of the container.

Usage example:


If you are using GUI part of the software:

ml gui
launch_gui_session --module neestimator -e NeEstimator

Connect with xpra locally using the xpra command

xpra attach


If you publish research that uses neestimator you have to cite it as follows:

“We estimated Ne using the molecular co-ancestry method of Nomura (2008), as implemented in NeEstimator V2.01 (Do et al. In Press.).”

Do, C., Waples, R. S., Peel, D., Macbeth, G. M., Tillett, B. J. & Ovenden, J. R. (2014). NeEstimator V2: re-implementation of software for the estimation of contemporary effective population size (Ne) from genetic data. Molecular Ecology Resources. 14, 209-214.