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MassMine is a research tool designed to simplify the collection and use of data from social media outlets and other internet sources.

Using MassMine on Research Computing

MassMine, and a data filtering program called jsan (the JSON Swiss Army kNife) are installed on Research Computing.

Prior to getting started with MassMine, please read UFRC's Getting Started page and follow the instructions on UFRC's FileZilla page. If you do not already have FileZilla installed, please download and install the software by visiting

  1. Open a terminal and run
    • ssh <YOUR_USERNAME>
  2. MassMine should generally be run a daemon node. This can be done connecting to daemon after logging into HiPerGator:
    • ssh daemon
  3. After logging in, MassMine users should change to their /blue directory. Be sure to change groupname and username to your individual username for Research Computing. This username may be different from your UF username. Type the following command into the terminal to change to your scratch directory:
    • cd /blue/groupname/username
  4. Before using MassMine, you must load it as a module:
    • module load massmine
    • To use an older versions of MassMine add the version number to the end of the command with module load massmine/x.x.x. This will allow you to load a specific version of massmine.
  5. After loading MassMine as a module, both massmine and jsan become available for use. You can double check this by checking the version of each program:
    • massmine --version
    • jsan --version

For help with using massmine, visit the official massmine website. For help with jsan, see the online documentation.

Environment Modules

Run module spider massmine to find out what environment modules are available for this application.

System Variables

  • HPC_MASSMINE_DIR - installation directory
  • HPC_MASSMINE_BIN - executable directory