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IsoSel (Isoform Selector) is designed for selecting alternative isoforms in the context of phylogenetic reconstructions. Based on bootstrapped trees and perturbed alignments, IsoSel assigns alignment scores to input sequences. Optionally, the user can provide a file in which the information on isoform locus tag is given. In this case, IsoSel will also create a file in Fasta format containing the filtered dataset (i.e. in which only the best isoform per gene is kept).

Environment Modules

Run module spider isosel to find out what environment modules are available for this application.

System Variables

  • HPC_ISOSEL_DIR - installation directory
  • HPC_ISOSEL_BIN - executable directory
  • HPC_ISOSEL_DOC - documentation directory


If you publish research that uses isosel you have to cite it as follows:

Philippon H., Souvane A., Brochier-Armanet C. and Perrière, G. (2017) IsoSel: Protein Isoform Selector for Phylogenetic Reconstructions. PLoS One 12(3):e0174250