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ece website  

Ece software container

Environment Modules

Run module spider ece to find out what environment modules are available for this application.

System Variables

  • HPC_ECE_DIR - installation directory

Additional Information

Some of the applications have GUI interfaces. Follow the instructions at

Basic usage:

module load gui/2
gui start --module ece -e executable_name

Open the URL shown in the terminal to see the application GUI in the browser.

As of ece/1.2 module version the ece container has been split into three sub-containers: cds, mgc, and syn

The following executables are available:

ccopt_gui  dc_shell  etagui  launch_cds  launch_mgc  launch_syn  primetime  tmax

Non GUI usage:

module load ece
luanch_cds executable_name


luanch_mgc executable_name


luanch_syn executable_name

Wrapper shell scripts for the following applications are available, so they can be called directly without 'launch_$container' after loading the ece module:

calibre  ccopt_gui  cdesigner  dc_shell  fm_shell  hspice  primetime  tmax  vcf  vcs