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NVIDIA Clara Train SDK for Medical Imaging
         Clara Train SDK is a domain optimized developer application
         framework that includes APIs for AI-Assisted Annotation, making
         any medical viewer AI capable and a MONAI and PyTorch based
         training framework with pre-trained models to kick start AI
         development with techniques like Transfer Learning, Federated
         Learning and AutoML.
         AI-Assisted Annotation APIs and an Annotation server can be easily
         integrated into any Medical Viewer. The training framework
         includes decentralized learning techniques like Federated Learning
         and Transfer Learning. It also includes techniques like AutoML for
         iterative experimentation. The SDK provides pre-trained models as
         Model Applications packaged as MMARS (Medical Model ARchive) to
         users providing an intuitive config based environment for data
         scientists and researchers to get kick-started with AI

Environment Modules

Run module spider clara to find out what environment modules are available for this application.

System Variables

  • HPC_CLARA_DIR - installation directory

Additional Information

The sample work flow for using MONAI is available at: