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Asteroid website  

Asteroid is a method that infers an unrooted species tree from a set of unrooted gene trees. It is robust to both incomplete lineage sorting and high proportions of missing genes.

Asteroid computes for each input gene tree a distance matrix based on the gene internode distance. Then, it computes a species tree from this set of distance matrices under the minimum balanced evolution principle. Asteroid is robust to high proportions of missing genes because, unlike ASTRID, it does not merge all distance matrices into one single distance matrix, but rather keeps all the distance matrices distinct and applies a bias correction to each of them. For a more detailed explanation of the method, please read our manuscript.

Asteroid is parallelized, and can take as input multi-furcating and multi-copy gene trees. It can computes bootstrap support values, either from the input gene trees, or from an alternative set of bootstrap gene trees.

Environment Modules

Run module spider Asteroid to find out what environment modules are available for this application.

System Variables

  • HPC_ASTEROID_DIR - installation directory