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AFNI is a set of C programs for processing, analyzing, and displaying functional MRI (FMRI) data - a technique for mapping human brain activity. It should be used for research purposes only.

Environment Modules

Run module spider afni to find out what environment modules are available for this application.

System Variables

  • HPC_AFNI_DIR - installation directory

Additional Information

This is a GUI software. Follow the instructions at

Basic usage:

module load gui
launch_gui_session --module afni -e afni

Connect with xpra locally using the xpra command

xpra attach


If you publish research that uses afni you have to cite it as follows:

RW Cox. AFNI: Software for analysis and visualization of functional magnetic resonance neuroimages. Computers and Biomedical Research, 29:162-173, 1996.

RW Cox and JS Hyde. Software tools for analysis and visualization of FMRI Data. NMR in Biomedicine, 10:171-178, 1997.

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