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YASM website  

Yasm is a BSD-licensed assembler that is designed from the ground up to allow for multiple assembler syntaxes to be supported (e.g. NASM, GNU AS, etc.) in addition to multiple output object formats and multiple instruction sets. Its modular architecture allows additional object formats, debug formats, and syntaxes to be added relatively easily.

Required Modules


  • intel
  • fftw
  • yambo


  • intel
  • openmpi
  • fftw
  • yambo

System Variables

  • HPC_{{#uppercase:YASM}}_DIR : installation base directory
  • HPC_{{#uppercase:YASM}}_BIN : executable program directory
  • HPC_{{#uppercase:YASM}}_LIB : library directory


If you publish research that uses YASM you have to cite it as follows:

Andrea Marini, Conor Hogan, Myrta Grüning, Daniele Varsano, "Yambo: an ab initio tool for excited state calculations," Comp. Phys. Comm. 180, 1392 (2009).