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A number of useful tools - both external or internal - is provided via the 'ufrc' environment module which is loaded automatically at login. It can be reloaded with 'module load ufrc'. The following is a short summary of the available tools presented in alphabetical order:

Header Name Header Description
black python3-based uncompromising python code formatter.
blue_quota show HiPerGator Blue Storage (/blue) quota usage for your user and group.
dos2unix convert line endings in text files between linux, windows, and macos formats.
filan print active file descriptors to stdout.
findnewest shell script to showing the most recent modified files in the argument directory.
getentng our replacement for the linux getent tool to show user and group information.
home_quota show your HiPerGator Home directory quota usage.
htop interactive process viewer.
lftp sophisticated file transfer program supporting ftp, http, sftp, fish, and torrent.
jobhtop (jobps alias) real-time display of job processes using the htop tool.
jobnvtop real-time display of job GPU usage and processes using the nvtop tool.
mac2unix a wrapper of dos2unix preset for conversion from macos to linux text file line endings.
nc concatenate and redirect sockets.
ncat modern nmap rewrite of netcat.
ncdu terminal 'gui' for showing directory sizes.
nodeInfo show HiPerGator node types and capacities.
orange_quota show HiPerGator Orange Storage (/orange) quota usage for your project(s).
pbs_to_slurm convert an old Torque-based job script to SLURM format.
procan an adaptive process analysis tool.
pytest Run a python test suite if present in the current directory tree.
qos_to_burst move a pending job with the specified id to the burst QOS.
qos_to_main move a pending job with the specified id to the investment QOS.
relative_path show relative path starting from the specified optional path.
shellcheck check the syntax of your shell script or job script.
showAssoc show your SLURM account associations.
showQos show your SLURM investment QOS limits.
showstart show when the job with the specified id started.
slurm_exit_info show SLURM exit code for a job with the specified id.
slurmInfo show information about SLURM allocation as well as running and pending jobs for a SLURM account.
socat multipurpose relay utility.
squeueall show all jobs in SLURM queue.
squeuemine show SLURM jobs for your user id.
squeue_pending show sum of resources requested by all pending SLURM jobs.
srundev start an interactive SLURM session on a development/testing node.
srungui start an interactive SLURM session on a gui node.
sruni start an interactive SLURM session on a compute node.
srunteach start a minimal interactive SLURM session without delay.
tree list contents of directories in a tree format.
unix2dos a wrapper of dos2unix preset for conversion from linux to windows text file line endings.
unix2mac a wrapper of dos2unix preset for conversion from linux to macos text file line endings.
xeyes simple gui program for testing whether X11 forwarding is working.