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==System Variables==
==System Variables==
* HPC_{{#uppercase:{{#var:app}}}}_DIR : installation directory
* HPC_{{uc:{{#var:app}}}}_DIR : installation directory
* HPC_{{#uppercase:{{#var:app}}}}_BIN : executable directory
* HPC_{{uc:{{#var:app}}}}_BIN : executable directory
* HPC_{{#uppercase:{{#var:app}}}}_LIB : library directory
* HPC_{{uc:{{#var:app}}}}_LIB : library directory

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SUNDIALS website  

SUNDIALS (SUite of Nonlinear and DIfferential/ALgebraic equation Solvers)was implemented with the goal of providing robust time integrators and nonlinear solvers that can easily be incorporated into existing simulation codes. The primary design goals were to require minimal information from the user, allow users to easily supply their own data structures underneath the solvers, and allow for easy incorporation of user-supplied linear solvers and preconditioners.

Required Modules


  • intel/2013
  • {{#lowercase:SUNDIALS}}


  • intel/2013
  • openmpi
  • {{#lowercase:SUNDIALS}}

System Variables

  • HPC_SUNDIALS_DIR : installation directory
  • HPC_SUNDIALS_BIN : executable directory
  • HPC_SUNDIALS_LIB : library directory


  • A. C. Hindmarsh, P. N. Brown, K. E. Grant, S. L. Lee, R. Serban, D. E. Shumaker, and C. S. Woodward, "SUNDIALS: Suite of Nonlinear and Differential/Algebraic Equation Solvers," ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software, 31(3), pp. 363-396, 2005. Also available as LLNL technical report UCRL-JP-200037.
  • R. Serban and A. C. Hindmarsh, "CVODES: the Sensitivity-Enabled ODE Solver in SUNDIALS," Proceedings of IDETC/CIE 2005, Sept. 2005, Long Beach, CA. Also available as LLNL technical report UCRL-JP-200039.


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