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SEQuel is a tool for correcting errors (i.e., insertions, deletions, and substitutions) in contigs output from assembly. While assemblies of next generation sequencing (NGS) data are accurate, they still contain a substantial number of errors that need to be corrected after the assembly process. The algorithm behind SEQuel makes use of a graph structure called the positional de Bruijn graph, which models k-mers within reads while incorporating their approximate positions into the model. Template:App Location

Available versions

  • 1.0.1

Running the application using modules

To use sequel with the environment modules system at HPC the following commands are available:

Get module information for sequel:

$module spider sequel

Load the default application module:

$module load sequel

The modulefile for this software adds the directory with executable files to the shell execution PATH and sets the following environment variables:

  • HPC_SEQUEL_DIR - directory where sequel is located.