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planttribes website  

PlantTribes is a collection of automated modular analysis pipelines that utilize objective classifications of complete protein sequences from sequenced plant genomes to perform comparative evolutionary studies. It post-processes de novo assembly transcripts into putative coding sequences and their corresponding amino acid translations, locally assembles targeted gene families, estimates paralogous/orthologous pairwise synonymous/non-synonymous substitution rates for a set of gene sequences, classifies gene sequences into pre-computed orthologous plant gene family clusters, and builds gene family multiple sequence alignments and their corresponding phylogenies.

Environment Modules

Run module spider planttribes to find out what environment modules are available for this application.

System Variables

  • HPC_PLANTTRIBES_DIR - installation directory
  • HPC_PLANTTRIBES_BIN - executable directory
  • HPC_PLANTTRIBES_DOC - documentation directory
  • PLANTTRIBES_INDEXES - indexes directory