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mantis website  

MANTIS (Microsatellite Analysis for Normal-Tumor InStability) is a program developed for detecting microsatellite instability from paired-end BAM files. To perform analysis, the program needs a tumor BAM and a matched normal BAM file (produced using the same pipeline) to determine the instability score between the two samples within the pair. Longer reads (ideally, 100 bp or longer) are recommended, as shorter reads are unlikely to entirely cover the microsatellite loci, and will be discarded after failing the quality control filters.

Environment Modules

Run module spider mantis to find out what environment modules are available for this application.

System Variables

  • HPC_MANTIS_DIR - installation directory
  • HPC_MANTIS_BIN - executable directory
  • HPC_MANTIS_DOC - documentation directory
  • HPC_MANTIS_CONF - config directory


If you publish research that uses mantis you have to cite it as follows:

Kautto, E. A., Bonneville, R., Miya, J., Yu, L., Krook, M. A., Reeser, J. W., & Roychowdhury, S. (2017). Performance evaluation for rapid detection of pan-cancer microsatellite instability with MANTIS. Oncotarget, 8(5), 7452–7463. PMID: 27980218.