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Gnuplot is a portable command-line driven graphing utility for Linux, OS/2, MS Windows, OSX, VMS, and many other platforms. The source code is copyrighted but freely distributed (i.e., you don't have to pay for it). It was originally created to allow scientists and students to visualize mathematical functions and data interactively, but has grown to support many non-interactive uses such as web scripting. It is also used as a plotting engine by third-party applications like Octave. Gnuplot has been supported and under active development since 1986.

Required Modules

modules documentation


  • gnuplot

System Variables

  • HPC_{{#uppercase:gnuplot}}_DIR - installation directory

How To Run

GNUPlot may produce a warning about the missing Arial font when run. To enable the use of a free font similar to Arial add the following lines to your ~/.bashrc file:

export GDFONTPATH=/usr/share/fonts/liberation
export GNUPLOT_DEFAULT_GDFONT=LiberationSans-Regular


  • Validated 4/5/2018