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ddocent website  

This script serves as an interactive bash wrapper to QC, assemble, map, and call SNPs from double digest RAD data. It is designed to run on Linux based machines with large memory capacity and multiple processing cores.

Environment Modules

Run module spider ddocent to find out what environment modules are available for this application.

System Variables

  • HPC_DDOCENT_DIR - installation directory

Additional Information

This module will only work within an interactive job.

e.g. for a single core with 2Gb RAM for 10 minutes:

srun -p hpg-dev --pty -u bash -i

Alternatively, load the ‘ufrc’ module and execute ‘srundev’.

To get 8 cores and 6gb RAM per core for 1 hour run:

srun -p hpg-dev -n 8 -mem-per-cpu 6 -t 60:00 -pty -u bash -i