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AdmixTools website  

ADMIXTOOLS (Patterson et al. 2012) is a software package that supports formal tests of whether admixture occurred, and makes it possible to infer admixture proportions and dates.

Required Modules


  • AdmixTools

Additional Information

The package contains 6 programs:

  • convertf: See README.CONVERTF for documentation of programs for converting file formats.
  • qp3Pop: See README.3PopTest for details of running f_3 test. This test can be used as a format test of admixture with 3 populations.
  • qpBound: See README.3PopTest for details of running qpBound. This test can be used for estimating bounds on the admixture proportions, given 3 populations (2 reference and one target).
  • qpDstat: See README.Dstatistics for details of running D-statistics. This is a formal test of admixture with 4 populations.
  • qpF4Ratio: See README.F4RatioTest for details of running F4 ratio estimation. This program computes the admixture proportion by taking the ratio of two f4 tests.
  • rolloff: See README.ROLLOFF/ README.ROLLOFF_OUTPUT for details for running rolloff. This program can be used for dating admixture events.


If you publish research that uses AdmixTools you have to cite it as follows:

N. Patterson et al. Genetics, vol 192:1065–1093