Shared Hosting Infrastructure

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Web Servers

PubApps Shared architecture has two webservers and all applications are reverse-proxied by UFRC Load Balancer for redundancy.

Database Server

PubApps Shared includes a database server with MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB instances, so the resources on web servers and VMs would not be used for i/o-intensive database operations.

File Server

PubApps Shared includes an NFS file server where each project (group) gets their own directory tree as /data/GROUP.

Computational Resources

PubApps Shared includes compute nodes that allow web applications to perform computational work without overloading web servers. See Using PubApps Computational Resources for details on using slurm-drmaa python module to access those resources, which can also be accessed via standard SLURM jobs from the web servers similar to how jobs are submitted to HiPerGator.

Operating System

PubApps Shared runs on bare metal RedHat Enterprise Linux instances.

Infrastructure Diagram

An overview of PubApps Shared infrastructure: