SLURM Partition Limits

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Jobs can run on specific HiPerGator servers or nodes based on hardware requirements. Different sets of hardware configurations are presented as SLURM partitions. See also: Available Node Features

Time Limits

Partitions have individual time limits. Example of time limit configuration:

  1. SBATCH --time=4-00:00:00 # Walltime in hh:mm:ss or d-hh:mm:ss

Interactive Work

Partitions: hpg-dev, gpu, hpg-ai

  • Default time limit if not specified (Default): 10 min
  • hpg-dev Maximum: 12 hours
  • gpu
    • Maximum: 12 hours for srun .... --pty bash -i sessions
    • Maximum: 72 hours for Jupyter sessions in Open OnDemand.
  • hpg-ai
    • Maximum: 12 hours for srun .... --pty bash -i sessions


  • JupyterHub: Sessions are preset with individual limits shown in the menu
  • JupyterLab in Open OnDemand Maximum: 72 hours for the GPU partition, other partitions follow standard partition limits

GPU/HPG-AI Partitions

  • Default: 10 min
  • Maximum: 14 days

Note: There is no burst QOS for the gpu partitions.

Compute Partitions

hpg-default, hpg2-compute, bigmem

Both the hpg-default and the hpg2-compute partitions are selected by default if no partition is specified for a job.

Investment QOS

  • Default: 10 min
  • Maximum: 31 days (744 hours)

Burst QOS

  • Default: 10 min
  • Maximum: 4 days (96 hours)

Hardware Accelerated GUI

  • Default: 10 min
  • Maximum: 4 days (96 hours)