MOOSE Configuration

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Configure and test your own "MOOSE" framework

Make sure your .bashrc and .bash_profile shell initialization scripts are 'clean'. If you encounter errors while setting up MOOSE make sure there are no environment changes caused by those scripts.

Basic Steps

  1. mkdir projects (from a development session Development and Testing)
  2. cd projects
  3. module load moose/26-jul-21
  4. git clone
  5. cd moose
  6. git checkout master
  8. Run "./scripts/ --enable-vtk-required --with-vtk-lib=${HPC_VTK_LIB} --with-vtk-include=${HPC_VTK_INC}" and allow it to complete. It should finish without errors.
  9. cd test; make -j 4; ./run_tests -j 4 (from a login node)
  10. Build and test the "phase field" module:
    1. cd moose/modules/phase_field
    2. make -j 4
    3. ./run_tests -j 4
  11. Build and test the "combined" module:
    1. cd moose/modules/combined
    2. make -j 4
    3. ./run_tests -j 4

Additional Information

See Bugzilla Request #43807

Running MOOSE

Now that Moose is configured, learn how to use it at Running MOOSE. Or from a development session (Development and Testing).