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When starting gv via a SLURM GUI Session the following steps must be taken:

Load modules

module load gaussian gui

Start a GUI session

  • Example: running Gaussview with 1 CPU, 8gb of memory, 4 hours of run time
    • gui start -e gv -c 1 -m 8 -t 4
  • Note: Give the session from few seconds to a couple of minutes to start if the output is empty.
    • $ gui show

The output will look similar to the following e.g. with 1 active sessions and real passwords listed instead of 'REDACTED' in the example:

Expand this section to view sample output.

Current GUI sessions:
#:  JobID    Application   Type  State       Reason
1: 51019979 gv            gui   RUNNING     
Connection URLs:

[[GUI_Programs#Connect_From_a_Client_Computer|Attach to the resulting xpra session from your local computer]]

Please copy a connection URL and paste it into a modern web browser's
location bar on your LOCAL computer located on campus or connected via OOD

Connect To GUI Session

  • Attach to the job session in your local browser

Copy and paste a session URI into a modern browser (tested on Firefox and Chrome/Chromium) e.g.

As a result the browser tab becomes a 'desktop canvas' and the GUI program window should be visible and can be resized or maximized to the limits of the browser tab window as normal.

Stop GUI Session

  • To stop the GUI session, do the following, SessionID is the ID listed above, for example "1" in the above example.
    • gui stop SessionID

For help with running GUI programs, please refer to: [[GUI Programs|SLURM GUI Session]