Xpra Windows Installation

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This page provides Xpra installation instructions for client computers running Microsoft Windows

Xpra is available for Microsoft Windows XP and newer.

Installation will require Administrator privileges.


Download Windows installer file from https://xpra.org/.

Once downloaded, double-click on the installer file, and follow the installation steps accepting all defaults.

Installer Files

Installer files from the Xpra website:

X11 Server and Terminal Apps

In addition to installing Xpra you will need software called X11 server and terminal software. We recommend using MobaXterm, which includes both X11 server and terminal functionality. Another option is the combination of Xming X11 server and PuTTY.

MobaXterm can be downloaded from http://mobaxterm.mobatek.net/. Install it accepting all defaults.

Shell Script

If using MobaXterm, the simplest way to connect to a GUI application running within a SLURM Xpra session on HiPerGator is to paste the client connection command into the terminal. This requires the use of the wrapper shell script shown below.

  • Download the [{{#fileLink: xpra}} xpra mobaxterm script].

{{#fileAnchor: xpra}}

"/drives/c/Program Files (x86)/Xpra/Xpra.exe" "$@"
  • Move the downloaded script into your Documents/MobaXterm/slash/bin/ folder (assuming you have a MobaXterm installed with default settings). If your MobaXterm directory tree locations were modified, then place the downloaded xpra script into one of the directories on the list shown with the 'echo $PATH' command.

Your client setup should now be ready. Return to the GUI Programs page and start a GUI session.