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==System Variables==
==System Variables==
* HPC_{{#uppercase:{{#var:app}}}}_DIR : installation base directory
* HPC_{{uc:{{#var:app}}}}_DIR : installation base directory
* HPC_{{#uppercase:{{#var:app}}}}_BIN : executable program directory
* HPC_{{uc:{{#var:app}}}}_BIN : executable program directory

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XCrySDen website  

XCrySDen is a crystalline and molecular structure visualization program aiming at display of isosurfaces and contours, which can be superimposed on crystalline structures and interactively rotated and manipulated.

Required Modules


  • xcrysden

System Variables

  • HPC_XCRYSDEN_DIR : installation base directory
  • HPC_XCRYSDEN_BIN : executable program directory


If you publish research that uses XCrySDen you have to cite it as follows:

A. Kokalj, Computer graphics and graphical user interfaces as tools in simulations of matter at the atomic scale, Comp. Mater. Sci., 2003, 28, 155--168.


  • Validated 4/5/2018