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Trim Galore! is a wrapper script to automate quality and adapter trimming as well as quality control, with some added functionality to remove biased methylation positions for RRBS sequence files (for directional, non-directional (or paired-end) sequencing). It's main features are:

  • For adapter trimming, Trim Galore! uses the first 13 bp of Illumina standard adapters ('AGATCGGAAGAGC') by default (suitable for both ends of paired-end libraries), but accepts other adapter sequence, too
  • For MspI-digested RRBS libraries, Trim Galore! performs quality and adapter trimming in two subsequent steps. This allows it to remove 2 additional bases that contain a cytosine which was artificially introduced in the end-repair step during the library preparation
  • For any kind of FastQ file other than MspI-digested RRBS, Trim Galore! can perform single-pass adapter- and quality trimming
  • The Phred quality of basecalls and the stringency for adapter removal can be specified individually
  • Trim Galore! can remove sequences if they become too short during the trimming process. For paired-end files Trim Galore! removes entire sequence pairs if one (or both) of the two reads became shorter than the set length cutoff. Reads of a read-pair that are longer than a given threshold but for which the partner read has become too short can optionally be written out to single-end files. This ensures that the information of a read pair is not lost entirely if only one read is of good quality
  • Trim Galore! can trim paired-end files by 1 additional bp from the 3' end of all reads to avoid problems with invalid alignments with Bowtie 1
  • Trim Galore! accepts and produces standard or gzip compressed FastQ files
  • FastQC can be run on the resulting output files once trimming has completed (optional)

Environment Modules

Run module spider trim_galore to find out what environment modules are available for this application.

System Variables

  • HPC_TRIM_GALORE_DIR - installation directory