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This document describes transferring data between a local computer (client) and HiPerGator (HPG).


There is a variety of command-line, GUI, and even web-based tools available for transferring data to or from HiPerGator. Some examples include 'cp, mv, scp, rsync, or sftp' on the command-line, FileZilla, Cyberduck, WinSCP, or MobaXTerm Gui sotware, or Globus data transfer tool available via a web interface in addition to command-line and GUI versions. The instructions below can be applied to virtually all of the tools mentioned above.


It is no longer possible to use interactive SSH login servers on HiPergator ( i.e. gator3 and gator4 - for rsync or SFTP transfers. Use the dedicated servers described below for data transfers. At the same time, the data transfer servers do not allow interactive logins via ssh, so do not try to log on into them.

From a Local computer to HiPerGator

To transfer data from your local computer to or from HiPerGator, with its main high-performance filesystem available at /ufrc, connect to the '' data transfer server. SFTP uses port 22 if you have to specify it.

Transfers from HiPerGator

If you are already logged into HiPerGator and need to transfer data to or from a remote system log into 'dtn1.ufhpc' node from any other node within HiPerGator. This server has a high-throughput network connection to the outside.