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==Research Computing offers three training options==
==Research Computing offers three training options==
[[File:Live_Training.png|alt="Live training schedule"|frameless|link=#Live_Training_Sessions]]
| [[File:Live_Training.png|alt="Live training schedule"|frameless|link=#Live_Training_Sessions]]|| [[File:Prerecorded_Training.png|alt="Prerecorded training sessions"|frameless|link=[[Prerecorded Training]]]]|| [[File:How_To_Videos.png|alt="How to videos"|frameless|link=[[How To Videos]]]]
[[File:Prerecorded_Training.png|alt="Prerecorded training sessions"|frameless|link=[[Prerecorded Training]]]]
[[File:How_To_Videos.png|alt="How to videos"|frameless|link=[[How To Videos]]]]
=Live Training Sessions=
=Live Training Sessions=

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Research Computing offers three training options

"Live training schedule" "Prerecorded training sessions" "How to videos"

Live Training Sessions

Research Computing runs regular in-person training sessions throughout the year. These sessions are free and open to all UF researchers. Most sessions include hands-on exercises and users are encouraged to bring their own computers.

In addition to the regularly scheduled sessions, you can request a Group Training Session for your group.

Many of the sessions are also available as pre-recorded videos linked from this page and also listed on the UFIT Training page.

Training Schedule