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  • There is no direct support for students using Research Computing resources for class work. See Class Related Support for teaching support information.

Support Request

If you have a specific request or an issue you can open a support request in the UFRC Support System

Remote Support

If you would like to discuss your issue with our staff personally on Zoom you can use our remote support options

Walk-in Support

We ask that you reserve a time slot at least four hours in advance via the UFRC Remote Support Booking. The booking system uses our calendars and staff availability is limited, so there are no set office hours.

Office Locations

  • Oleksandr (Alex) Moskalenko: New Physics Building (NPB), Room 2234
  • Justin Richardson: New Physics Building (NPB), Room 2238
  • Brian Bartholomew: New Physics Building (NPB), Room 2238
  • Jorge Cabrera: New Physics Building (NPB), Room 2217

Teaching Support

We offer a number of services for teaching and students. See Teaching Support procedure