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==System Variables==
==System Variables==
* HPC_{{#uppercase:{{#var:app}}}}_DIR - installation directory
* HPC_{{uc:{{#var:app}}}}_DIR - installation directory
{{#if: {{#var: conf}}|==Configuration==
{{#if: {{#var: conf}}|==Configuration==

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repeatexplorer website  

RepeatExplorer is a computational pipeline for discovery and characterization of repetitive sequences in eukaryotic genomes. The pipeline uses high-throughput genome sequencing data as an input and performs graph-based clustering analysis of sequence read similarities to identify repetitive elements within analyzed samples. The analysis principles were described in Novak et al. (2010).

Required Modules


  • repeatexplorer

System Variables

  • HPC_REPEATEXPLORER_DIR - installation directory


  • Validate 4/5/2018