Remote Support

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  • There is no direct support for students using Research Computing resources for class work. See Class Related Support for teaching support information.
  • You should submit a support ticket before scheduling an in-person or remote meeting.


For a quick question you can use our #support slack channel Join the channel via the following link. We will monitor the channel and reply as soon as we can.

Zoom Channels

Remote support booking does not allow adding Zoom links. First, [book an appointment with a staff member], then join the meeting via the personal Zoom link below:

Office Locations

  • Oleksandr (Alex) Moskalenko: New Physics Building (NPB), Room 2234
  • Justin Richardson: New Physics Building (NPB), Room 2238
  • Brian Bartholomew: New Physics Building (NPB), Room 2238
  • Jorge Cabrera: New Physics Building (NPB), Room 2217

If you require face-to-face assistance our staff members provide office hours for walk-in support