Reference Data

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UFRC maintains a repository of reference data that can be accessed by all HiPerGator users. The primary purposes of this repository are researcher convenience, efficient use of filesystem space, and cost savings. We are happy to download and build reference datasets and configure applications installed on HiPerGator to automatically make use of the available reference data. Having UFRC host common reference data means that a research group does not have to use their Blue or Orange quota to host redundant copies of common reference data.

Use to request either addition of reference data or to ask for an addition of a directory that you can put reference data into for shared use.

The following is not an exhaustive list of the hosted reference data. If an existing reference is missing from the list below please let us know and we will update the list.

Application-Specific Data

Many other application specific references are located in /data/reference.

Raw Genomic Data

AI Reference Datasets and Models

A variety of reference machine learning and AI datasets are located in /data/ai. You may need to use the full path /blue/data/ai for applications to find the files. Browse the catalog of all available AI reference datasets to learn more.