Non Batch-System Resources

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UF Research Computing Non-Batch System Resources

While the majority of our resources are accessed by submitting jobs to the batch system, we do provide a number of specialized resources for other use cases. This page is a summary of many of those resources.

Development servers

The test servers are identical to most of the HiPerGator hardware, and are setup for interactive testing and code development. Users can login to these servers and run applications, test scripts and code, get jobs ready to submit, etc. We ask that users limit run times to about 30 minutes.

GUI Servers

We have servers setup for Graphical User Interface use. These servers allow users to use X11 applications and interact with windows much as they would on a standard desktop computer.

Daemon Servers

Many users wish to run daemon tasks, low CPU tasks that run constantly in the background. To meet this need, we have setup daemon servers.