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ngsutils website  

NGSUtils is a suite of software tools for working with next-generation
sequencing datasets. They are useful for processing Illumia, SOLiD, 454, Ion
Torrent, and PacBio sequencing data. They can be used for DNA and RNA
resequencing, ChIP-Seq, CLIP-Seq, and targeted resequencing (Agilent exome
capture and PCR targeting).

Required Modules


  • ngsutils

System Variables

  • HPC_{{#uppercase:ngsutils}}_DIR - installation directory


If you publish research that uses ngsutils you have to cite it as follows:

Marcus R. Breese and Yunlong Liu NGSUtils: a software suite for analyzing and manipulating next-generation sequencing datasets Bioinformatics (2013) 29(4): 494-496