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MrBayes is a program for Bayesian inference and model choice across a wide range of phylogenetic and evolutionary models. MrBayes uses Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods to estimate the posterior distribution of model parameters.

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Available versions

  • 3.1.2

Running the application using modules

Multiple versions of MrBayes are installed in /apps/mrbayes/3.1.2/, and can be used through loading different sets of module files.

For information about the MrBayes module options, run the module spider command:

$module spider mrbayes/3.1.2

All versions are compiled with Intel 10.1, so load this first in all cases.

For the serial (single core) version load MrBayes:

$module load intel/10.1 mrbayes

The recommended MPI version is the OpenMPI 1.2.7 compiled version. To use this load:

$module load intel/10.1 openmpi/1.2.7 mrbayes

We also have an MPI version compiled with MVAPICH/0.9.9

$module load intel/10.1 mvapich/0.9.9 mrbayes

PBS Script Examples

See the MrBayes_PBS page for mrbayes PBS script examples.