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Currently matlab is located here:



Please remember that the HPC Center resources are not to be used interactively! Matlab jobs should be submitted via Torque submission scripts with no user interaction.


Documentation for the Matlab Compiler can be viewed at the Matlab Website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dear Sirs,

I have a basic question about what can be run on the cluster. I have a
standalone C application file generated by the Matlab compiler. Is it
possible to run it (after porting/copying the required libraries) as an
external application on a particular node of the cluster. This is
because it is not possible for me to compile the C source files on the
cluster itself?

OK... from what I gather here, I think you have the following:

  1. A compiled executable, most likely in linux x86 format.
    This executable obviously requires specific libraries to run, and if we don't have them installed they won't work. From what I remember of the matlab compiler suite, it is possible for the matlab compiler to actually generate a full set of files that include your executable and the libraries it needs to support it such that the whole suite is portable. This is what you really want to look for, and I know it has been done before.
  2. Possibly the source code.
    If you have the C source code, you should be able to compile that source code on our systems with out any trouble, unless it requires some sort of library provided by matlab. If this is the case, then option 1 above is your best bet.