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MCNPX , Monte Carlo N-Particle eXtended, is a general-purpose Monte Carlo radiation transport code for modeling the interaction of radiation with everything. It extends the capabilities of MCNP4C3 to nearly all particles, nearly all energies, and to nearly all applications without an additional computational time penalty.

Version 2.7.0

The configuration and compilation flags used are:

configure --with-FC=ifort --with-CC=icc

Installation location:


Execution Instruction for Using Module System

  • What is a Module System:
Module system is a utility to manage application execution environment - compilers, runtime libraries, application executables. Your execution environment can be set by simply loading the appropriate modules. For more information, please refer to From_mpi-selector_to_environment_modules.
  • To use MCNPX:
module load intel mcnpx

Please note, MCNPX is installed on the clusters that have been upgraded to RedHat EL6. To run it interactively, please go to EL6 nodes by:

ssh rhel6
module load intel mcnpx

To use them via batch job, please specify el6 queue:

#PBS -q el6

and add the following to your job scripts:

module load intel mcnpx


MCNPX website: http://mcnpx.lanl.gov/