Large-Memory SMP Servers

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Research Computing currently maintains the following resources for calculations requiring large amounts of physical memory.

Large Memory Servers
Host Architecture Vendor Processor Frequency Cores Memory(GB) SLURM Memory (mb)
2 amd64 AMD 6174 2.2 48 496 508000
3 amd64 Intel E5-4607 2.2 24 770 792000
4 amd64 Intel E7-8850 2.0 80 1009 (1TB) 1033728

The big memory machines are available only via the HiPerGator "bigmem" partition. To submit jobs to this partition you will need to add the following directive to your job submission script.

 #SBATCH --partition=bigmem

Please also be aware that servers with hundreds of gigabytes of RAM are very expensive. If you submit a job to the bigmem partition and your group does not have an NCU allocation sufficient to accommodate the resource request, your job will be rejected.