Large-Memory SMP Servers

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The HPC Center within Research Computing currently maintains the following resources for calculations requiring large amounts of physical memory.

Large Memory Servers
Host Architecture Vendor Processor Frequency Cores Memory(GB)
r10a-* emt64t Intel E5462 2.8 8 64
r12a-s38 emt64t Intel X7560 2.2 16 128
r12a-s40 amd64 AMD 6174 2.2 48 512

The 128 GB and 512 GB machines are available only via a restricted queue (bigmem). To submit jobs to this queue you will need to add the #PBS -q bigmem directive to your job script or use "-q bigmem" option on the qsub command line.

Before attempting to run jobs via the bigmem queue, you should request access to the bigmem queue via a support request ( Please also be aware that memory is not free and servers with hundreds of gigabytes of RAM are still fairly expensive. For this reason and so that resources can be allocated fairly, resource requests are considered on the basis of processor equivalents.