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khmer website  

Khmer - python scripts for k-mer counting, filtering and graph traversal.

There's a khmer mailing list at that you can use to get help with khmer. To sign up, email '' to subscribe; then send your question/comment there.


khmer is *pre-publication* and *research* software, so please keep in mind that (a) the code may have undiscovered bugs in it, (b) you should cite us, and (c) you should get in touch if you need to cite us, as we are writing up the project.

Available scripts:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

To use the khmer module make sure python/2.7.2 is loaded and use "import khmer" in your script or in an interactive python session.

Required Modules

modules documentation


  • khmer
  • HPC_KHMER_BIN - directory where the scripts are located
  • HPC_KHMER_DOC - khmer documents are in this directory
  • HPC_KHMER_DATA - sample datasets are in this directory