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So, you have been given an account on the University of Florida HPC Center's cluster. Now what? Well, hopefully we can answer some of those questions here...

Logging In

To login to the cluster, you need an SSH client of some sort. If you are using a linux or unix based system, there is most likely one already available to you in a shell, and you can get to your account very quickly...

Linux / Unix

So, here is how you would go about logging in via a linux or unix account:

test@puppy:~$ ssh's password:
Last login: Fri Feb  9 00:03:38 2007 from
[test@submit ~]$

The command ssh is what you would type in at a command prompt on your system. After this, it asks you for a password, which you type in. After that, you are logged in and ready to work.


For Microsoft Windows, things are a bit trickier. Windows does not come with a built-in SSH client, and this makes things difficult. What you have to do is download a client from the Internet and install it, then use that client. We recommend the following:

  • For a shell client, Putty
  • For a file transfer client, WinSCP

Both of the above clients have documentation at their websites, so I will not go into it here. Once you are logged in and have a prompt that resembles that in the Unix / Linux section above, you can continue with this tutorial.