GatorLink Affiliate Account

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Any external collaborator who will be using HiPerGator must have a GatorLink account according to UF Information Technology Policy. Sponsor's department is the primary contact point for obtaining a GatorLink account. However, in circumstances when it is not possible to have a departmental affiliate GatorLink account created through the Sponsor's department a sponsor can ask UF Research Computing to request a UFRC affiliate GatorLink account for the external collaborator. In general, the following information must be provided via email:

  1. Contact information of Sponsor
    1. First Name and Last Name
    2. Name of Research Group or Project
    3. Phone number
    4. UF email address
  1. Contact information of Collaborator
    1. First Name and Last Name
    2. UFID if the user has one from previous UF engagement
    3. Business Email Address
    4. Personal Email Address
    5. Work Phone
    6. Cell Phone
    7. Country

Note that the UFIT Identity and Access Management staff will need to call the external collaborator to provide information that cannot be sent electronically in accordance with laws and regulations, so a valid phone number must be provided and the collaborator needs to be accessible via that number.