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Gambit website  

Gambit is an open-source collection of tools for doing computation in game theory. With Gambit, you can build, analyze, and explore game models.

Use Gambit's graphical interface to get intuition about simple games, or the command-line tools and Python scripting API to support your world-class research and practical applications.

Gambit is fully cross-platform: Get it for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux.


The current version is Gambit-15.1.0

Required Modules


  • gcc/5.2.0
  • gambit


module load gcc/5.2.0 gambit

System Variables

  • HPC_{{#uppercase:Gambit}}_DIR - installation directory
  • HPC_{{#uppercase:Gambit}}_BIN - executable program directory
  • HPC_{{#uppercase:Gambit}}_INC - include file directory


If Gambit was useful to you in writing a scientific paper, we suggest a citation of the form:

McKelvey, Richard D., McLennan, Andrew M., and Turocy, Theodore L. (2015). Gambit: Software Tools for Game Theory, Version 15.1.0.