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ANSYS Fluent is a popular computational fluid dynamics application.

Required Modules

Parallel (MPI)

module load intel/2016.0.109 openmpi/1.6.5 fluent/17.2

Running Fluent GUI

To run the Fluent gui you need to start it in a gui session. Unfortunately, the initial Fluent window runs as a separate process from the main program that starts after the startup options are selected, so after you run Fluent with

module load gui
launch_fluent_gui [options]

where options are the same optional arguments that are used with launch_gui session like '-t X' for time in hrs, etc, you'll have to manually cancel the job when you are done with

scancel $jobid

where jobid is the SLURM ID of the job. The default arguments are 1 cpu core, 4gb of memory, and 8 hr time limit.

System Variables

  • HPC_{{#uppercase:fluent}}_DIR
  • HPC_{{#uppercase:fluent}}_BIN

Additional Information



If you publish research that uses fluent, please refer to the ANSYS Citations web page.