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ed2 website  

The Ecosystem Demography Biosphere Model (ED2) is an integrated terrestrial biosphere model incorporating hydrology, land-surface biophysics, vegetation dynamics, and soil carbon and nitrogen biogeochemistry (Medvigy et al., 2009). Like its predecessor, ED (Hurtt et al., 1998, Moorcroft et al., 2001), ED2 utilizes a set of size- and age-structured partial differential equations that track the changing structure and composition of the plant canopy. With the ED2 model, in contrast to conventional biosphere models in which ecosystems with climatological grid cells are represented in a highly aggregated manner, the state of the aboveground ecosystem is described by the density of trees of different sizes and how this varies across horizontal space for a series of plant functional types. This more detailed description of ecosystem composition and structure enables the ED2 model to make realistic projections of both the fast-timescale exchanges of carbon, water and energy between the land and atmosphere, and long-term vegetation dynamics incorporating effects of ecosystem heterogeneity, including disturbance history and recovery (Hurtt et al., 2012).

Required Modules

Parallel (MPI)

  • intel/2016.0.109
  • openmpi/1.10.9
  • ed2

System Variables

  • HPC_ED2_DIR - installation directory