Development and Testing

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The test servers are available for software development and testing. If you need to develop code (i.e., the standard edit, build, test cycle) or test your workflows and scripts before submitting batch jobs, you should use these machines. The software environment on the test servers is kept consistent with that of the compute servers so you can run jobs and get an accurate idea of what resources are used.

Please remember that you are not allowed to run user applications on the login servers. Interactive work of any kind must be performed on a test machine. We ask that you limit the runtime of jobs on the test servers to thirty minutes or less. Note that violation of this policy may result in suspension of your UFRC account.


Connect to the cluster ( and use the ssh command to access either of the test servers.

ssh dev1


ssh dev2

Test Queue

There is a test queue you can use to test your job submission scripts. Please visit the Queues page for more information.

Technical specifications

Both dev1 and dev2 have the same technical specifications, as follows:

  • Opteron 6378
  • 2.4 GHz
  • 64 cores
  • 256 GB RAM