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BaseMount is a tool to mount your BaseSpace data as a Linux file system. You can navigate through projects, samples, runs and app results and interact directly with the associated files exactly as you would with any other local file system. BaseMount is a FUSE, which operates in user-space and uses the BaseSpace API to populate the contents of each directory.

Required Modules


  • basemount

System Variables

  • HPC_BASEMOUNT_DIR - installation directory

Additional Information

Create a mount point for basemount within your /ufrc space to avoid getting a 'permission denied' error as basemount tries to use a system directory /mnt to mount your Illumina Basespace project directory. For example,
jdoe@gator~$ mkdir /ufrc/mygroup/jdoe/mnt/

 jdoe@gator~$ module load basemount

jdoe@gator~$ basemount /ufrc/mygroup/jdoe/mnt/