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Amber website  

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Required Modules

System Variables

  • HPC_{{#uppercase:Amber}}_DIR


If you publish research that uses Amber you have to cite it as follows:
D.A. Case, T.A. Darden, T.E. Cheatham, III, C.L. Simmerling, J. Wang, R.E. Duke, R. Luo, R.C. Walker, W. Zhang, K.M. Merz, B. Roberts, S. Hayik, A. Roitberg, G. Seabra, J. Swails, A.W. Goetz, I. Kolossvai, K.F. Wong, F. Paesani, J. Vanicek, R.M. Wolf, J. Liu, X. Wu, S.R. Brozell, T. Steinbrecher, H. Gohlke, Q. Cai, X. Ye, J. Wang, M.-J. Hsieh, G. Cui, D.R. Roe, D.H. Mathews, M.G. Seetin, R. Salomon-Ferrer, C. Sagui, V. Babin, T. Luchko, S. Gusarov, A. Kovalenko, and P.A. Kollman (2012), AMBER 12, University of California, San Francisco.