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New User's Guide

For new users on HiPerGator, please read Getting Started to get yourself familiar with HiPerGator system.

It is highly recommended that you watch the training videos for the beginners on a variety of topics, such as Introduction to HiPerGator, SLURM job submission, and using Jupyter Hub and Jupyter Notebooks, etc.

AI Software

A comprehensive software stack for AI research is available on HiPerGator for both CPU and GPU accelerated applications.

AI Frameworks

AI frameworks provide building blocks for designing and training machine learning and deep learning models. The following AI frameworks are available on HiPerGator.


PyTorch is deep learning framework developed by Facebook AI Research Lab and has interfaces for Python, Java, and C++. It supports training on both GPU and CPUs, as well as distributed training and multi-GPU models.


TensorFlow is an open-source AI framework/platform developed by Google Brain team. Keras is an open-source neural network library which can be run on top of TensorFlow. With TensorFlow 2.0, the Keras API has been integrated in TensorFlow's core library and serves as a high-level programming interface that uses TensorFlow as a backend. It supports both GPU and CPUs, as well as multi-GPU and distributed training. APIs are available for Python, Java, Go and C++.

Sci-kit Learn

Sci-kit learn is a Python library for machine learning and statistical modeling. It is available in Python models on HiPerGator.


Matlab provides convenient toolboxes for machine learning, deep learning, computer vision and automatic driving, which are supported on both CPUs and GPUs.

NVIDIA AI Software

Nvidia provides comprehensive, GPU-accelerated software libraries, toolkits, frameworks and packages for big-data and AI applications. Many of the libraries are included in the CUDA installation on HiPerGator, such as cuDNN. The following domain specific CUDA enabled tools are available on HiPerGator:


Nvidia NeMo is an open-source, Python based, and GPU accelerated toolkit for conversational AI. It provide simple interface to build, train and fine-tune the AI models for speech recognition (ASR), natural language processing (NLP) and text to speech (TTS) applications. It is currently available on HiPerGator AI cluster.

Clara Parabricks

Nvidia Clara Parabricks ([1]) is a computation framework for genomics applications. It builds GPU accelerated libraries, pipelines and reference AI workflows for genomics research. However the software is licensed. The trial license on HiPerGator is valid through March, 2021.