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swak4Foam website  

swak4Foam is a library that combines the functionality of groovyBC and funkySetFields. It offers the user the possibility to specify expressions involving the fields and evaluates them. This library offers a number of utilities (for instance funkySetFields to set fields using expression), boundary conditions (groovyBC to specify arbitrary boundary conditions based on expressions) and function objects that allow doing many things that would otherwise require programming.

Required Modules

modules documentation

  • intel
  • openmpi
  • swak4foam

System Variables

  • HPC_SWAK4FOAM_DIR : installation base directory
  • HPC_SWAK4FOAM_BIN : executable program directory
  • HPC_SWAK4FOAM_LIB : library directory
  • HPC_SWAK4FOAM_INC : include file directory